Can't beleive the pricing model of Appsheet

As I understand it, you would have to pay 10$ per user per month or 120$ per user per year. How is that possible if you plan to distribute a white label? No-one would even think of paying 120$ per year for an unknown app.
Lets say you make a popular App - that would soon be 1000 downloads and users. So you would have to pay 120.000$ to AppSheet unless you find a way to have your users pay (not likely) or you make the app drown in advertisements.
I really hope AppSheet will make another pricing strategy that helps new app succeed.

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For what you described, you need the publisher plan , that is
50$ per app per month.

The per user plans are used in custom business solutions, where controlled access is needed, among other options.


@OptimiX_XcrY - that’s provided you don’t need any login and separate user data.
If you make an app where users can enter their own data, you need this plan: AppSheet Pricing - Pro plan, which is 10$ per user per month.

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Unfortunately @HCF, the AppSheet platform is not intended to be a place where you can build a “platform” for the small-biz. (Meaning: I’ve got a single app and I want 1,000 users)

If you’re looking to have a secure app, meaning it will require people to log in and therefore be able to customize itself to the user, you’ll have to get a business subscription.

And like you’re seeing, the cost of this would be crazy with scale. The business subscription is geared towards situations like this, where you can say:

  • I want an AppSheet license for 1 public app to have 1000 users.

The cost of this would be much less than the $10,000 a month, though it’s still pretty high. I can’t give you an actual number because it’s individualized on a case-by-case basis - but I’ve seen things like $1,500/month to $5,000/month.

I’ve got a client that I helped build a solution last year that’s keen to expand and get other people using the app we’ve built - but he’s finding that in order to “take things to the next level” you’ve got to have some capital. :frowning:

AppSheet started as a platform for small businesses and citizen developers; then, as money grew tight and they needed to keep the lights on, they shifted towards focusing on businesses.

Because a business will spend $1,500 a month on some software solution, which will go a long way in paying a $100k/year software developers salary; where a small biz is very UN-likely to be able to afford something like that.