Can't create a shortcut on my phone anymore

I just created a new app, and the “Add Shortcut” option in the menu doesn’t work on my mobile phone !
Can somebody help ?

Hi @Sylvain_Rossy1, welcome to the community. I believe there is currently an issue with iOS devices and adding shortcuts. Adding @Gil to the conversation.

Hi @Sylvain_Rossy1,
Could you please share some more details? Which device are you using? Exactly what happens when you tap the add shortcut button?



I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S8.

When I tap the icon, it becomes black as if it I’m ojsing the button, then nothing happen… I can push it may times nothing happen!

Is it enough details?

Beet regards,


Thanks @Sylvain_Rossy1,
That’s strange, I’m not aware of other users experiencing this issue. Would you mind taking a video of this?

  1. which OS version are you running?
  2. Are you online when trying to create the shortcut?
  3. If you press and hold the AppSheet app icon, do you see shortcuts to recently opened apps?

Hi Gil,
You can access the video with this link …
The phone is a Galaxy S8 (SM-G950F) and you can find all the OS information in the picture below.

Thanks for the video @Sylvain_Rossy1,
That’s pretty strange the shortcut is working for one app but not for another. Would you mind if I open your app to try it on my device?
What I meant earlier is: if you go to your phone’s homescreen and press and hold the AppSheet’s app (with the paper plane logo) you should see shortcut to recently opened apps, see attached screenshots.

Hi Gil,
Attached is the printscreen of the recently open apps shown on my phone, this is right after using the app with the issue on the video.

The app does not appear there.



Le mer. 17 avr. 2019 à 19:05, Gil Littman via AppSheet Creator Community a écrit :

@Sylvain_Rossy1 That’s strange.
Would you mind if I take a look in your app?

Sure, no problem.

Can you give me the email address I have to give access to?



No need, I just need your permission.
The problem is your icon file, you’re using a svg file which is not fully supported. Try using jpg or png instead.

Hi @Gil,
Issue solved, I didn’t know that the picture format could create a issue.
Thanks for your help and best regards,

You’re welcome.
We’re using the icon file to make the shortcut icon. Since the app couldn’t make the icon from the svg, it failed without showing any error (that’s our fault).