Can't disable updates for one table?

Whenever I disable updates on this table it re-enables them. Anyone else had this problem?
(already got support just seeing if there’s any community response)


Support found it*…actions prevent you from changing that…the warning was not seen because it isn’t in the data tab and I already had a warning because it was not deployed.

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Neat! Good to know!

Normally Appsheet lights up red like a christmas tree when something like this happens so very confusing that it’s just a little warning

I agree. I’d consider that a security failure, myself: the app editor has granted the user privileges that the app creator explicitly denied.

It forces you to delete form views if you remove the ability to add to a table and I distinctly remove having actions that would say “Updates are not allowed for this table” when I would create change data actions accidentally for tables that I didn’t allow updates.
I think consistency between these situations would be a good thing.

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