Can't do a filteredview for Dashboards?

Hi all,
I’m really struggling trying to get a simple app to work - I’m a PHP and Javascript programmer et al but so much of this AppSheet system is counterintuitive for me I’m afraid!

It’s an inventory app. I simply have a list of categories in a table, and I want users to be able to click on them, and if the category has subcategories then it shows them. Either way, it shows a list of items. Sounds so simple! :slight_smile:

But now I’m finding that I can’t do LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW with Dashboard. That is, I have two views that work great if I do a LinkToFilteredView to them directly, but as soon as they are in a dashboard it doesn’t work.

This is an example of the expression that works great - when I’m directly linking to a non-Dashboard view:

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(Display list of subcategories, [CategoryName] = [_THISROW].[CategoryName])

But then this won’t work:

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(Combo display of category items and list of subcategories, [CategoryName] = [_THISROW].[CategoryName])

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong??

I really wish there was an example app that had categories of items, plus subcategories, plus subsubcategories, plus subsubsubcategories. Would save me so many days of trying to figure this all out!


How often would they make changes to filter the Dashboard? There are two possible options:

Option 1: (this is what I did in my app and is good if they aren’t changing the filters super often)
I created a table called Custom Settings. The table has their email address, their name, and then a list of filter options as a column. In my example the options for the filters don’t grow over time, if yours do then you would want to create a dynamic list for each of the options. Then I created a detail view based on it and I set the user name and email address as the header and made the filter columns quick edit columns. I put in the menu. So now when they go to the menu they see a list of filter options for things throughout my app. Since it’s in quick edit mode, when they change a field it auto saves and when they go back to the dashboard it is updated based on their settings.

One of my column option examples:

Then in the slice for the dashboards I added a filter based on their selection in the custom settings table and the currently logged in email address:
CONTAINS(SELECT(Custom Settings[Due Dates-Loan Officer],([Current User]=USEREMAIL())),[LO])

Option 2: You can basically do the same thing, but put the detail view in your dashboard. So as people change selections in the detail view of the dashboard it filters the dashboard. I didn’t like this particular solution because it made my dashboard look junky.