Can't figure out how to scroll on web app

(Jonathan Meuser) #1


My app is essentially a long list; however, I have not been able to scroll down when looking at the app in a web browser. Can’t find the scroll bar or seem to use the down arrow. Tried in chrome (on mac and chromebook) and Safari.


(Kat) #2

I am also having this issue. I am only able to scroll down using the wheel on my mouse, but over the course of the day this becomes excruciating to my hand and forearm. Would love to be able to use the bar to drag instead. I tried using Microsoft Edge and was able to use the bar to scroll, but I encountered a slew of other worse issues. Feeling stuck. Please help!

(Jonathon Sinclair) #3

I’ve had this bug occurring recently as well; I don’t believe this is by design.