Can't figure out the new automation for a simple workflow

I have an older app that has a workflow to send an email when a new row is added to a check in table.

Now that workflows are disabled and we have to use automation I can’t figure out how to create a similar rule.

I want to have an email sent to the person’s [Email Address] when the [Locker Number Assigned] and or [Bunk Number Assigned] fields are updated/not blank. These are Ref fields - not sure if that matters.

How would I do this? Is it an event, a process, task? Not clear - the automation seems more complicated.

I was able to create two automation tasks; HOWEVER, still need help.

I have one automation for locker assignments and one for bunk assignments. BUT because these are fields in the same row and not necessarily updated at the same time they both trigger emails anytime a row is added or updated. This isn’t what I want.

I only want the email to send one time, when either field is filled in. I set the condition to ISNOTBLANK for each but that didn’t solve this problem. Example: i edited a row, added locker info, received email. I then edited the same row, added bunk info, and received the locker email again, and the bunk email. How can I fix this?

What logic would you yourself use to decide whether or not to send the email?

@tcanelli did you get a chance to look at Bots: The Essentials | AppSheet Help Center

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