Can't find Google Forms AppSheet add-on

The link from the documentation for Using Data from Google Forms to the Google Forms AppSheet add-on returns a 404, and searching for the AppSheet Forms in the Google add-on store returns no results. Where is the add-on?

Are you looking for the AppSheet Events? That is an add-on to capture changes made directly to your data so a bot can run.

To add that to your sheet, you have to be logged into Google as the sheet owner.

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No, I am looking for the Google Forms AppSheet add-on. I used it a couple weeks ago with no problems and now it seems to no longer be available…

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Hi @Ted_Romer
It should be on our form under Addons.

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You see that after you install the add-on. If you haven’t installed the add-on, you see screenshot 1 below, and if you search for the appsheet add-on you seen screenshot 2 below.

@Ted_Romer , Please check the domain setting, if you see something like below:

then you need to specify in the allowed market place addons like this:

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I have a personal account, so as far as I know there are no “domain settings” That looks like something for business users.

Did something change since August 16? I was able to add the plug-in to a form using my account then.


I’ve just checked with my personal account and from inside form, it seems that appsheet-add-on for form is missing:

However, this link:
shows that it is there:

I didn’t tried, but maybe you can install it from there?

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Hi Ted,

Do you absolutely need an add-on?

I was able to link my google form’s spreadsheet to my AppSheet app as a source and by doing so I get all my new business inquiries right in the app!

I tried that add-on in the marketplace and it’s giving me a can not connect to drive error.

Hope this helps!

The add-on worked fine for me and solved the problem I was trying to solve two weeks ago. If it is no longer supported for consumer accounts at least the documentation should be updated to reflect that.

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AppSheet support responded separately – they updated the link in the docs to reflect the following:



Thank you for contacting Google Cloud Support.

Google Editor add-ons are moving from the Chrome Web Store to the Google Workspace Marketplace

You can find the add-on here:

Best regards,