Can't get custom view to show, only system generated views

I created a slice to order the fields I want to show in my form. I created custom views referencing the slice. I deleted the system views that referenced the table. But the system continues to recreate the system views and won’t use my view. Is there a way to force it to use my views?

I’m creating a child record from a detail view record of the parent.

What if you COPY the system created detail view, re-arrange the column and ensure the new position is as Ref?

The system views cannot be permanently deleted–the system will simply recreate them, as you’ve seen.

The easiest and surest way to choose the slice view is to change in the Ref column in the parent table that points to the child row so that the Ref column’s Referenced table is the slice rather than the table. The downside to this approach is it could have wide-ranging side-effects that may be undesirable.