Can't get Reset on edit to work

I have a table where the user wants to use the “Copy a record and Edit the Copy” action. That bit works fine. But in the copy, the user wants to be able to change a column called [Location] which then automatically updates a column called [Tower]. [Location] is a Ref to the Location table, in case that matters. [Tower] is set up as follows:

Type = Text
Require = TRUE
Initial Value = [Location].[Name]
Editable = TRUE
Reset on Edit = TRUE

So this issue is changing [Location] does not cause [Tower] to recalculate. It’s not possible to use an App formula in [Tower] as we have actions than need to be able to modify [Tower] However, whilst the App needs to be able to change [Tower] automatically, we don’t want the users to be able to change it directly.

Any ideas?

Reset on edit? is applied only for edits after the initial row creation. When we using the copy-and-edit action, the edit of the copy is treated as an initial row creation.
@1minManager A similar thread discussion is there, please look into the @Suvrutt_Gurjar suggestion.

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Understood. So they are editing the copy, and the column is not updating.

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Yes, because it doesn’t trigger on the initial copy of the row. I solved the problem using @Suvrutt_Gurjar’s solution, which is quite simple