Can't hide Keys?

Hi all - I’m trying to hide my system-generated keys from view. I have two tables, each with a key generated using the =UNIQUEID() formula in the Initial Value.

I have set the Keys to “Don’t Show” in their respective tables. I also have Slices setup for each of these tables. I have tried to remove the Keys from their respective Slices so that they don’t show up in Views that use those Slices. However the Keys keep getting re-inserted by the system as it seems the Slices need the Keys. Ok, fair play, makes sense. But how can I keep the Keys from showing up then, even though I have set them to not show in their original tables? There doesn’t seem to be another other place to hide them or to enter an expression to hide them.


In Show? you can put expression: false

that will hide the column.


Great, thank you!

sorry, follow-up question: Your help got the keys to disappear, but I am still seeing the column name show up in certain areas, such as the attached. Is there a way to get rid of this too?

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 14.45.11

I’m getting these blank columns/fields in tables (i.e. fast table), and in nested rows…

You need to create the view to replace the fast-table view, than you can remove that from view, else hide the header table.

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Perfect, worked like a charm. Thanks again!