Can't open pdf files

Hi Everyone,
New to Appsheets, pretty exited about the low code platorm but I am stuck with the following issue:

SCENARIO: I have an application with a Work Oders table and Work Order view.
Also have created a boot that automatically creates and updates a PDF file every for ever new row added to the table.

Also have a virtual colum(Preview Work Order / Type = File) with the link to the corresponding pdf created by the boot.

ISSUE: File won’t open. due to the link. Tried many thing and can’t get to work. Debugging found out that the problem is the link type.

File is hosted on google drive.

  1. Direct link wont work:
  2. Relative link wont work: pdfs/filename.pdf
  3. Shareble link Works!!!

What can I do to make relative url to work?
Otherwise how can I retrieve the sharable link for the corresponding file?

Any solutions highly appreciated .

HI @byrons612

Actually the most common workaround is to store a filename first with relative path, then use this filename to create your file.
Please have a look to this post, I tried to describe step by step and explain the purpose of each step:

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