Can't Save Show If Formulas!?!?!

I was wondering why the show if formula I put on some columns weren’t there… then I tried adding them again, only to find they aren’t saving.

I can confirm that this is true, becuase in the process of making that screen recording I went though that same process about 4 times… each time the formula is NOT saved. :frowning:


Seems limited to this one app.

One quick thing did you try adding this formula through clicking the edit on the left of the column name and then adding it?

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Negative, I used the ability to edit the show if formula “inline” - not sure how to call that.

Just tried it though… same thing. :frowning:

Tried to add show ifs to other columns in the same table and different tables?

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Good call… it seems it’s limited to that table. Weird… :thinking:

Try to regenerate the structure.

Seems its limited to these specific columns. @Adam you might wanna know about this…

When I was adding these column in question, they are derivative columns based on others in the same table.
When I was creating them, the system (meaning the editor) automatically copied the show-if formula that I had on the originating column onto the new derivative - which was awesome!
That was exactly what I was gonna do anyways… yet when I saved, the changes weren’t saved.

Now it seems I can’t make any modifications to those column show if formulas.

I just thought I would point out the auto-formula import - I’m assuming that was some “intelligence” of the platform seeing a repetitive task, that someone at AppSheet setup an automation for to cut steps out.

Okay… so I can turn the visibility off/on - but I can’t add a formula.

I’ve encountered something similar to this before as well but for the editable formula on a virtual column which does nothing. Was very annoying.

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Amen. :pray:

And my clients wonder why I never seem to make any progress on projects… always in a prepetual state of waiting for the exterminators (so to speak).

I’ve sent in like 10 reports a month to the exterminators for a while now. Some small some devastating. Generally they’re fast to the job.

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Thankfully, they’ve always been really quick to fix things. :nerd_face: Quite unprecedentedly, as well.

I would like to point out that these columns are List columns - there seems to be a pervasive bug with show if formulas and list column types right now.

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To be fair, the type of people most of us are… they can never anticipate everything we throw at them, either.

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Man… 11 days I posted this. Just circled round to working on this app again, ran right into the same problem.


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