Can't seem to get 2 expressions working properly

Basically, I need a report that gives me yesterday (Today-2) and ignore it if Machine ID 28 is blank.
This does not work. If I run it as is, the Date=Today-2 is ignored. I get a report with ALL entries. If I include AND in front of “Date”, it operates the same way.

If I put the Date section before the ISNOTBLANK statement, I get a report that shows the date range I want, but there are blanks in there.

Here is the expression I have. This is a document template.

<<Start: SELECT(AllDataSets[Timestamp], ISNOTBLANK([Machine ID_28]), [Date]=TODAY()-2)>>

Your expression is incorrectly set:

<<Start: SELECT(AllDataSets[Timestamp], AND(ISNOTBLANK([Machine ID_28]), [Date]=TODAY()-2))>>