Can't simply copy a report << rant >>

Am I correct in assuming that you can’t simply copy a report any more since Bots have been introduced? I simply want to copy a report and edit it to create new one. That use to be so very easy. I guess I have to keep working on learning how to do things with bots … for a citizen developer who has tons of other job responsibilities besides the apps I have created, this makes it hard. I would love to spend hours learning the new AppSheet ways of doing things but it really is unrealistic.

<< rant over >>




Attn @prithpal @Dan_Bahir @praveen

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We had announced this sometime back that you can only edit existing reports/workflows. Going forward you should be using bots. Would recommend that you create a bot with a scheduled event.

We plan to release a convert to bot feature in the next few weeks that will allow you to convert your workflow/report into a bot.

It would become parmanent feature or just a temporary one to move Workflow to BOT for conversion?

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I understand that is what is required but I think, since AppSheet is marketed SO MUCH to Citizen Developers that allowing Workflows to be continued to be made, at the very least until the convert tool is produced, would have been a much better choice.

@praveen When I first started working on my app I had the luxury of time to dig in fully and learn AppSheet and make a very complex app. Now I am a Team Leader, with no one on my team capable of taking this over, so I have to keep the app up and make a sister app, all while leading a team that takes 40+ hours a week.

My point is, Bots may be more powerful, but there is a learning curve (and some bugs) - as multiple posts in this forum attest to. Please consider the needs of those like me before adding a new feature and cutting off the ability to continue to produce under the system that it replaces.

If I didn’t work with another forum member, on a consulting basis, I’d be dead in the water since I don’t have the time to stop and learn the “new” and “improved” system.

Just my two cents.


I agree entirely!


Understand your pain @Lucinda_Mason and working to address it. I just posted an announcement regarding “Convert to bot” feature. Can you please provide your account id to @Dan_Bahir? This will allow you to convert your workflow/report to a bot. You can then copy your bot definition to create new bots.

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Thank you @prithpal

Here’s my id: @Dan_Bahir 1778436