Can't submit support ticket

Submitted a support ticket by email and got this instant reply -


Thank you for contacting us at We no longer directly accept requests via email. Instead, if you use the support form below, your request gets rapidly routed to the best available person on our team and we can track it to ensure we address the issue completely.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks

- the Google AppSheet team

So filled in the form and got:

Screenshot from 2021-08-09 16-22-12

Can someone mesage support for me. Can’t really post the issue here as I need to share a template file

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I got the same email auto-response. However I was able to submit a ticket successfully, in which I linked to this thread. Hope you get your support!

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@1minManager So… when you clicked the link, it opened the page just fine, but when you tried to send it, you received this error message?

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Web form opened fine and I filled it in. Error was upon submitting form


Okay thanks


Hey Simon, sorry about this issue - I’m also having trouble recreating it. Just reopened your most recent support thread so we can troubleshoot via email.