Can't switch Google accounts on iPhone

I haven’t tried this on an Android device but here’s the issue I having on my rather old iOS device (iPhone 6). After I choose “log out” (or was it “sign out”?) the app refuses to give me a fresh start. It only shows Google as the sign in option and it also displays the name of the app I was using last. So, in order to sign in with a different account, I’ve just erased the AppSheet app in the phone. That seems to have worked. I now see the full set of sign in options. My question is, is erasing the app what everyone who wants to switch accounts has to do?

One related issue: If you have lots of apps, it can be a chore to find the one you’re looking for inside the app gallery (in the phone). On the editor, recently edited apps are shown on top but not in the phone. Could this be changed? Or, could we be given an order display option in the gallery?

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I’m coming back to this issue after more than a month. I was working with a student today with a better, newer iPhone than I have. Even so, he had to erase the app in order to log in with a different account. This indicates rather poor integration of AppSheet with Google, despite the purchase of the former by the latter. I hope this matter will get some attention in the not-too-different future.

Just as is the case with other Google products, there can be very clear, practical reasons to want to switch accounts. The Google account at my university, for example, is “walled off” (you only share within the domain of So, I need that Google account for my classes but I need a “regular” account to collaborate with others outside of the university.

Long story short: Account switching is necessary. :wink: