Capture Cancel button and force app to close?

I open my app with an “Add New User” form if the USEREMAIL() is not in my Users table. If they exist in the Users table they go straight into the Launcher form. That all works

If they click CANCEL on the “Add New User” form they stay in the app. I want the app to exit or close if they click CANCEL - only on this form.

How can I do this so they can’t be in the app unless they complete the Add New User form?

@Steve @Bahbus Any ideas?

There is no way to capture the Cancel button. My suggestion would be to send the new user to a detail view with a welcome message and force them to click through to the form.

Also keep in mind that menu and bottom-bar navigation will be exposed to new users unless you take steps to hide them.

Also be aware that hiding them doesn’t prevent the new user getting to any view if the user has the view’s direct URL (perhaps shared by another user).


Thanks Steve. I’ll have to look into it more. I might just end up having an admin add all the users and skip this step if it’s too complicated. Thinking through different scenarios for best use.

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