Capture Email Login in Public App

Hi Appsheet team,

I have a public app. Is it possible for me to collect the emails (as some of them login to gmail)? I can ask for them to write but I thought its already captured someway when we login.

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As by its nature, the app is “public” so there’s no way to retrieve the user’s identity in any way.


Hi Levent,

Noted for the reply. CMIIW but people will at least need to log in to appsheet using their google account right? so can we collect that info automatically?

This is an example of the public app login…

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Probably confusion over the terms of “PUBLIC APP”.

When app creator set up app “Require user signin?” as NO, then it turns to be PUBLIC app. When anyone has access to APP url, they can access to the app contents and will never be asked for any credential for log in stuffs.

Through the screenshot you placed here, it is obvious that you set up your app, requires sign in, which mean it is private app, not Public app.

As Levent stated, there is no native way to collect users information when we release app as PUBLIC ones, unless we place some tricks, but all depending on what you want to do and achieve.


I dont have non-public apps, never tried to pay per user.

Thats why i’m asking, despite having the “require user signin” checked as no, appsheet still prompts to have google logins :frowning: (These screenshots are from downloading public apps, on some android phones, not all). Hence am wondering if that is captured by Appsheet, say, from playstore downloads.

Such an odd behavior we need to call for assistance by emailing to

Apologize for any confusion I raised here, but even after you set app no sign In required but still app is asking for credential , something goes wrong on appsheet platform.