Capture user locations on Customer Map. Can t...

(Brennan Morrow) #1

Capture user locations on Customer Map. Can the be done? We have build out a very powerful app, and I think some of the component will be of value to others later.

Currently we have

a number maps that plot the customers location.

I would like collect my users location, or last know location and plot it on the map also.

From the user experience:

The users are my install and takedown teams for holiday lights. The go job to job on the map installing or taking down lights. To not have multiple teams show up at the same location, the teams want to see where the other teams are on the customer map.

So my question to the community: Can the be done, and if so how would you suggest I do this?

Screen shot of example, with my location and the customer locations.

(Steven Coile) #2

It’s pretty straight-forward, but does require the app user to take specific action to record their location.

If the user interacts with a form while on site, you can capture their current location when they save the form. Set an app formula for the desired (real, not virtual) column to =HERE()

If the user doesn’t necessarily interact with a form, but does us a detail or deck view, you can attach an action icon that will record their location when the icon is tapped.

(Brennan Morrow) #3

+Steve Coile

Thanks steve. Now how to I call their location to display on the map for other users?