Capture View Name

Is there anyway to capture and record the name of the view?

I have three tables. One table is related to the other two through de-references. When the user records data in this table, I would like to prepend to the de-referenced (foreign) key an abbreviation of the view that led the user to the view where he is recording the data. Is this possible?

How can I use CONTEXT(“view”) to record the view that led the user to the form where the data is being recorded? The form view where the data is being recorded will always be the same however, the parent view to which the form view is related at the time will change between the other two tables.

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You could add a column in Table 2 to record the Source View, and use LINKTOFORM() to pre-fill that value.

Add Table2[Source] column and regenerate table.
Add an action in Table 1 to Go to another view in this app,

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This works, thank you.

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You’re welcome! Glad I could help. :slight_smile: