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I have created an app to capture an image. I need to disable the option choose from existing and should be able to directly capture an image from camera. I explore the options in Settings of IOS to disable the Photos under Settings>Appsheet and leave the camera ON but unfortunately when using the app, it will not allow me to capture an image at all.

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Hi @Rommel_Dela_Cruz,
have you managed to figure it out yet? I’m also trying to limit users to only using the camera and not selecting photos from the Gallery.

You can set the option UX > Options > Allow image input from gallery as OFF


Aleksi in my experience this disables image input altogether and I’m prompted by iOS to go to settings and give permission for AppSheet to access my iOS gallery in the settings.

Is there a way to still be able to capture images using AppSheet but not save those images inside the iOS gallery?

@Gil Any thoughts about iOS?

Permission to the gallery is needed even if the camera is used to take the picture, since we save the photo to the gallery.
If you gave the app permissions for both the camera and the gallery, you should be able to take a photo.
Is that different from what you’re experiencing?

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Yes I understand, and when I give access I am able to capture images using appsheet, but when I capture images I don’t want them saved in my phones gallery. I only want them in appsheet, because it fills up my phones with images that I don’t necessarily need.

Is this possible?

I see,
Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment.
We are considering adding an option for the user to disable saving images to the camera roll.
I will post here when I have news about it.


It would be great, thanks

Hi all,
We’ve added an option in the app’s setting to prevent the app from saving images to the camera roll for iOS (Device’s settings -> AppSheet).
This change is coming in version 12.7. You should be able to get this update now if you go to the play store, or with automatic updates within a week.


This would be great.