Card view as alterntive to Deck View type

Deck view currently shows only single line of text strings when we push texts to primary or secondary. In case we have long text, the part of text are cut off.

In compensation for losing the functionality available on deck view, the Card View List type could work as alternative.

This is deck view as a sample

This turns to be …


@carie @morgan ric,

Is it possible we draw the light weight boarder line between card view list to distinguish the area?


I agree, some form of “card definition” like the line, or shadow, or rounding… I agree.

Love the Card View as well for this reason. However, the interface I need is still inadequate because Format Symbols are not displaying on Card View. Tagging @morgan

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Card view with Photo type (no main image)instead of list returns UI like this. Still multiple rows for long texts if we need.
In this view, we have some amount of margins around the items.

As an option.