Card View Bug


I’m encountering an error with the card view. I just have the same structure as this one but with a card view instead of a gallery.

  1. First Card View (Large) has no problem
  2. Second Card View insights
    • List View
      • Box On Click - Good
      • Photo - Good
      • Title - Good
      • Subtitle - Good
      • Action - Goes to a blank page (No pop up for actions)


Hi, may I ask what action are you using with the one that doesn’t work?

Hello Aleksi-

  1. Go to Details and;
  2. Edit

I just noticed. When i’m using same type of card view (ex: large for first and second or list for first and second) i’m not encountering an error.

@morgan Any thoughts?

Thanks for bringing this up. I’m pretty certain I know what the issue is and will investigate a fix.


I’m encountering a similar problem, but the List Card View actions are not even activating when clicked.

EDIT: this occurs when I click on the action’s whitespace. If I click on the exact text of the action, the action is activated