Card View - Fall back options

@morgan It would be cool if instead of making a virtual columns for fallback display content, we could simply establish this at the view level. Example… a project image, but if they don’t specify one, then put the map, but if they don’t specify that then use the percentage dial… If feel like it could be more efficient?

OR, maybe we can “call” to those neat widgets as images?

Hi Grant, that’s an interesting idea. I’ve been curious about binding multiple columns to a single item in the card view. We could do things like show both (e.g. concatenate text together), or show the valid one (e.g. like you are saying). I’ll think about this a little bit more and add this to the list of things to discuss with the team.


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It plays into the overall concept of, getting what you want at the point that you want it. So when I’m looking to do a card view and I’m trying to decide what image to put in that space. then what I have to do is double back to the column definition and come up with some sort of virtual column that will end up displaying all the cases. because I’m creating a project or whatever I don’t exactly want to force my users to put an image, so I need like a default image it would be cool if we could specify like a certain icon to put as a default image as well.