Card view is not responded nor rendered

I have to say Card View is pretty much unstable, I decided not to use on the production App for the time being. I remember Appsheet did not say this is BETA but for me, it should be BETA stage.

I addned new card view in Menu, and hit the view name, but actually nothing happen etc.

Hope this sort of bugs would be rectified soonest.

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All of my Cards are working as intended minus the few bugs that I’m still waiting to get fixed (unless the stealth fixed them).

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Yes, the view is in beta and I am working to fix remaining issues. Some have already been resolved and are being released. Koichi, would it be possible to give me access to the app you are experiencing trouble with?

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Sure, Morgan, Will email to with app IDs.

Just sent.

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Hi everyone, I implemented a fix to this issue (along with some other issues with the card view listed here Updates on the card view) and it should be available next time we deploy (likely by the end of the day tomorrow).


Same problem here. I set up the full card view with all the components but it comes the time when suddenly is not rendered.

I just got update privately from Morgan, @morgan, he released a fix.

I will test how it goes, but not now, but later.

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