Card view is not show

Card view is error

Please, help me!

This is more likely to be a bug as i also face the same issue.

Are you seeing the same behavior with the Browser and the Appsheet app?


Yes the card view fails to display properly in both the browser and the app.

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Okay thanks. What is your account ID and app name and is it okay if we check that?

Appname: LHS-1052873, account id: jenny.nguyenvu. Thanks

Hi @Aleksi , I have the same issue. Cannot see the titre or the description anymore.
App name: EscouadeCentre-villev2-176189
Account : 907208 ,


Any update on this issue so far?

Hey everyone, thanks for your patience on this. I’ve been investigating the issue and will get back to you ASAP with a fix. Hopefully by the end of today.


Hello again. I’ve fixed this issue and you should see it updated by the end of tomorrow at the latest, if not today.



Hello everyone, I’m having this same issue with a Large Card View