Card view layout upside down

Hi All,

I used to have this layout on the card view

Now I have this (color and layout has been changed!)

Did I change something or does the latest version of the card view have a bug?

Note that there is no format rules on the 2 text fields. I don’t know why they are now green. There is an action that has a format rule with the green color. I wonder if the bug has something to do with that.


@morgan heads up!

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Please contact to report this bug.


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Thanks everyone. It looks like a formatting rule for the action is somehow getting applied to all of the content. @teambelair can you DM me with the name of your app, and if possible, could you give me permission to debug your app? I’ll work on a fix ASAP.

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I’ve created a fix for this issue and it should be available tomorrow after we deploy.


Thanks again!