Card View not updating

For the header, I am needing to display a virtual column that uses a sum function to calculate a number that changes frequently. The card view does not seem to update correctly.

The dashboard view does update correctly using the same columns, but I like the spacing the card view offers. Is there something I can change to make the card view work?

Does the card view show the correct sum after you tap on “Sync”?

Sometimes it does. Its really spotty.

Virtual columns only update under the following conditions:

  • The row it’s a part of is edited in a form and then saved.
  • The row it’s a part of is modified by an action.
  • A sync occurs, either in the background or when the Sync button is tapped.

I sometimes add an action to write the value to the sheet, which forces the calculation. I need to be able, however, to find a way to fit the action in before the value is to be displayed.