Card View - Organization Display Style

@morgan it would be awesome to be able to select a display style… “Stacked” for a more conventional list experience, or “Tiled” for the current experience… I’m using the card view more and more, and would like to replace the deck view entirely…

Agreed. Card view is preferable to deck view in almost every case for me, but dislike the tiles.


Yeah! I also really wish that I could add some form of controllable padding on different views.

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Great ideas! I’m planning to add the ability to customize the padding and display style. Stay tuned…


Trust me, I’m super pumped. I can see the way you laid out the card view, and it seems geared for a complete modern flexible kind of vibe.

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I run out my “vote”, what I can do is to add “like” to comments. Thanks for taking up this request, I agree.

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