Card views are not displaying with spacing between them?

News to me.

Escalated Saturday and again now.

Oh ok. I thought I read in posts months ago they were moving to prime-time! I haven’t noticed anything in the views that indicate they are still Beta. I’m sure I had in the past. Maybe the Editor refresh took it away? Otherwise, how can we know?

Yes, I apologize. I thought I had seen this from you. But for some reason it’s not appearing for me today so thought it was on another post. My client asked about why the view had changed this morning (undeployed app) which prompted me to “refresh” the attention.

As I recall, none of the additions I believe @morgan was responsible for (cards, onboarding) were ever labeled as beta in the app editor; their beta status was announced here in the community.

Good question.

Hi @WillowMobileSystems, Card Views are no longer in Beta. If there are any remaining issues, my team and I will work to address them ASAP – but overall the feature should be stable for general use.



@morgan , there are a few weirdness-es left over.

Large Card - looks good:
Large Card - doesn’t have the same border:

List Card (inline) - no padding, boarders, and actions do not accept format colors whatsoever:
Not inline (for visual comparison):

I really wish inline Card views kept the looks of their main views as long as the screen space still allows. Also, if you set a Detail view display mode to “centered”, it will attempt to center parts within the inline view. Not sure if that is intended or not, but I don’t think it should be.

Or are some of these simply cases of weird stickiness and I just need to delete and remake the view?


I still have the issue I initially reported. I’m using Large cards just without images assigned. You can see that the view looked great a week or so ago from image in initial post. Sometime recently, not sure when, the view lost the card spacing. I’ve tried refreshing the web session, logging out and back in - view doesn’t correct.

See image below for full screen view of TWO cards.

@morgan the Card View is looking better. I’ll assume its still being worked on?

Below is how it looks now in the browser. I do like the “raised” card look. In a mobile device, however, there still is no clear delineation between the cards.

A couple of other notes I am experiencing:

  • In browser view below, the white background seems extra big for just two cards…if it is supposed to be displayed at all.

  • I noticed that to eliminate the Image areas of the Large Card, I couldn’t just assign their column references to “None”. I had to assign them to something else first and then I could re-assign them to “None”. This would be a problem if there are not any columns listed in that dropdown which is totally possible.

Current Card View in Browser View

No Card Delineation in Mobile View


yes I noticed this as well. Its hard to see the beginning and end of a card. Love the raised look in browsers though.

Dark background is a little better for large cards on mobile view. There is at least a slight shading difference. But still no hard borders like on tablet view.

Actually the view is back to its normal appearance. I still need to check behavior.

Browser view from desktop

Mobile view


Well that’s good.

Now if only I could colorize action icons on the Card List views… Mine are currently stuck on black on dark background.


I am not sure what you mean by this. Can’t you apply Format Rules to change the action text colors which updates the icon line color?

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It’s only on the List Cards. The format rules won’t color these actions. Unless its just stuck on an “old version” of the view and I need to delete and remake it.

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Are these the icons you are referring to?

If so, then to make the color change happen, you need to REMOVE the icon from the Action and use a Format Rule instead to assign the highlight icon and the color. The icon is smaller this way but not to bad.

Below are images of this change made to the “Rows to Mark 2” action.

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 2.40.57 PM


I wonder if the issue is related to the fact that I only have the one action there. Because nothing I do in the format rules, does anything.

Oh I see. If you only have a single Action defined, the issue is NOT that its black-on-black, it simply doesn’t show at all!

I switched to light theme to make it more visible…that you don’t see anything! :rofl:

This seems to be a bug. To get around it I guess you could throw in a standard action like Edit or Go to details.

Yeah, its not really a functionality problem. I’m just trying to idiot-proof the UI. The action is the same as just clicking the card itself. Plus, with the stretching of the inline view, I didn’t like the spot being blank.

It seems like making an edit on the cards in the emulator shows the background in the card view, but in the app itself, the background is not shown, just simple gray.

Update, this only seems to be an issue on mobile. The background does not show through. on browser view it does.

looks like the background issue just got fixed? :slight_smile: