Card Views (Beta)

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #1

Another UX update from @morgan is live today (currently in Beta status): a new way to visualize data with media, locations or charts more easily via ‘Cards’ that dynamically fill the device screen and give users quick ways to view details and initiate related actions.

This view also includes a new, intuitive method for customizing each field - look for it in your AppSheet account today and please share any initial feedback!


Interesting new view. Will have to think about where I might apply this. Thanks for sharing.

(Zach McNaughtan) #3

I just turned this on and the entire editor disappeared…

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #4

Hi @Zach_McNaughtan1 thanks for the alert, sorry for the hassle. We’re working on it now, but I might expect to see a few bugs like this while the view works its way out of Beta.

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(Tony Fader) #5

Should be fixed now! Thanks to @Adam

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(Maxwell) #6

Nice view. Unfortunately, Title not responding to the assigned column. still displaying default column

(Rosemary Black) #7

Love. I have been waiting for a way to display long text. So glad to have this.

(Melodram Ajans) #8

Güzel olmuş fakat sadece metin kısmını alıyor. Tarih görüntülemek istediğimizde izin vermiyor

(Fernando López) #9

Is possible to add FIT or FILL options for image display?

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(Bill Joslyn) #10

I am having this problem too

(Marc Dillon) #11

Awesome feature!

There is something weird going on with the amount of column selections available for each section. Its almost like any virtual columns that reference other tables are not available. For example I have a total cost VC that sums up costs from child records, that’s not available as a selection. I also have a label VC that concats the date (real column) with the customer name (dereference expression from a customer table ref). That label VC is available, but definitely does not display what it should, in fact is . Hope this info helps work out these kinks.

(Aparicio Piñeyrúa) #12

This looks great!
Does it work as interactive in an interactive dashboard?

(Tim Martin) #13

Pretty neat…

  1. would like to know where the subtitle/description underneath the title comes from? Can that be changed or made to look at alternate column?
  2. if map view, be able to set zoom - right now the map overview seems pretty ‘tight’ (zoomed in).
(Zikri Zainal) #14

I think this could be useful in terms of a landing page where I could beautifully summarise notifications in the card views. I’ve also created a Behaviour whereby they can quickly click on the first link to open the respective notification views.

However, if I pressed the whole area of the card, it leads to the card detail.

Can you also provide options as if the user clicks on the whole are of the card, it also links to the intended Behaviour function, which in this case simply means ‘Deeplink’.

Really loving your work AppSheet!

Cant wait for the future

(Mike Grow) #15

Thanks. This will be a great view.

(Multi Tech Visions) #16

I like the new view, it gives an option that’s a good combination of the gallery and deck view types.

But why the drastic change in editor behavior?
It would be nice to see these options listed like normal, this method is quite time consuming.

Thanks for the new view!!!


I couldnt figure out how it worked so gave up.:roll_eyes:


Worked for me, but agree the “visual” settings might not be easiest and most efficient approach…

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I got there in the end. Just needed to save it before adding data.

(Henry Scott) #20

Is there a sample App that illustrates Card View Functionality?
Which of these samples?