Card views with nested inline tables prevent users swiping/scrolling down

Problem 1: Nested inline tables take up the same space, whether they have 0 rows or 1000 rows

Problem 2: When mobile users swipe down through card records, they inadvertently swipe on the nested tables causing them to scroll instead.

Problem 3: Users can scroll down, hiding records in a really unintuitive way:

This has been standard behavior for a while, perhaps to accommodate the variable size that nested inline views can occupy? In any case, the current implementation is mostly unusable save for very niche scenarios.

Soution?: We should be able to specify how many rows we want to display here, similar to detail UX views. Ideally, the container would be flexible to some threshold upon it would default to the existing scrollable behavior. Currently this is 4 rows of data without column headers or groupings…

Attn @Arthur_Rallu



Just like to add that I believe Deck Views suffer the same issues and I suspect it may be the same source code responsible for these deficiencies which is why I raise it here. Nested Tables are supposed to be explicitly supported in Deck Views. There have been several bugs opened concerning the Deck View issues before Card Views were available.

AFTER Card Views were rolled out, I also opened a support email to draw attention to these same issues citing the Deck View bugs as well. I’ve attached them below for reference - do not know if all are still an issue.

It would be nice to get these issues addressed as they can be extremely useful for a number of user experiences!!!

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