Carriage return in Onboarding

Is there a way to put a carriage return in the onboarding text field because it is hard to read for the user when there is a number of sentences rolling into one?

For example:

Sentence 1.

Sentence 2.

becomes Sentence 1. Sentence 2.

I have tried using ALT + ENTER in the Google Sheet but this does not work.

CONCATENATE("Sentence 1","
","Sentence 2","
","Sentence 3"

Thanks @LeventK

That function formats the data correctly in the spreadsheet but does not get processed properly in AppSheet.

It works in AppSheet as well but some views like Deck, Card, Onbarding etc. does not respect to line breaks unfortunately.


Appreciate your feedback @LeventK

That’s a real shame as it would be a nice feature to use in the onboarding screens.

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