Carriage Return in Text Field

So I’m using the On-boarding View Type and want to display text in that view’s text fields, similar to a bullet point structure. Need to utilize (I suspect) a carriage return inside the expression to accomplish. Could someone help me with the syntax?

I’m Concatenating multiple text fields and want each to display on their own separate line. Thoughts?

This will do your jobs, for example.

Concatenate( “•”, [AnyFieldName],"
", “•”,“AnyText”)


Yes, Tsuji. That works.

Thank you.


So I’m able to have the “bullet” show, but the individual fields within my text CONCATENATION() are not showing on separate lines, like so:

  • [field 1]
  • [field 2]
  • [field 3]

Is the provided expression supposed to accomplish the carriage return functionality as well?

The Onboarding View only offers a few text fields, so I’m trying to get creative within the individual text fields.


Notice the third argument (between the 2 bullet pairs) inside of Concatenate() is a literal carriage return inside of quotes.

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