Case insensitivity

I have a table k with Date and
table j with date column

now I cant filter rows due to case insensitivity.

action on j table:
SELECT(k[Date], DATE([Date])=DATE([date]))

Note, this expression could significantly impact sync time. The list of values of column ‘Date’ …from rows of table ‘K’ …where this condition is true: ((DATE( …The value of column ‘Date’)) is equal to (DATE( …The value of column ‘Date’)))

Because the column in table k is Date with an uppercase D and in table j it’s date with a lowercase d?

Try this instead:

SELECT(k[Date], DATE([Date])=DATE([_THISROW].[date]))

To my knowledge, there are only two places in all of AppSheet that are case-sensitive: the CONTEXT() function and the FIND() function.


Thank you.

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