Catch 22 - Will Not Sync Due to Invalid Numeric Field - Help!

Previous you could cancel a Sync and loose the changes if something was wrong.

I had 52 syncs blocked due to ‘Invalid Numeric Field’. No way to cancel.

Log out, cancel changes. Hard refresh the app. But then one sync left – the invalid one!

Impossible to remove the sync (I had to set up a new app and copy all the data.

How do you get out of this Catch 22 situation?

Please contact for help with this.

@Steve Thanks.

I found the ‘Reset’ option on the menu! ( I had forgotten about it! ) . However, I did lose 20 rows of data that were good and valid records.

However, I think the underlying problem is that Sync is not robust enough. Any error on a record seems to block other Syncs in the queue.

Sync Errors should be skipped to allow the good records to be synced, then you can just reset the bad record, rather than losing a whole lot of rows in the sync queue.