CC and BCC for Start Email action

CC and BCC fields for Start Email action.

For TO, CC and BCC fields, would also be nice to allow LIST values too (as in workflow emails). Now, the TO field only allows a single email address, not a list of emails.

My bad. @WillowMobileSystems is correct.
I may not understand but I use expressions in my BCC field to pull out as many email addresses as match the expression from my Users table.

This would be a nice addition to the Email action.

As a workaround, you can do this with the ‘External: open a website’ action, using URL parameters to specify the To, CC, BCC and Subject:


This only works for Gmail, but I think there’s a similar URL parameter for Office365 accounts.

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Hi Lucinda! I think you may be referring to a Workflow email step.

There is also a capability to START an email request from an action. Basically it pops up a Send email window for the user which they can complete and send themselves (its not automatically sent). It auto-populates certain fields. The ask here is to allow auto-populating additional recipient fields.

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