Center Display name of form and New entry button

I have a very simple form to collect some data. Menu, share, search etc are all turned off. I would like to have name of the form (set via Display name in the View) to be centered. If the user clicks cancel, or after submitting the form, they are taken to a start screen where they have the option to submit a new entry. That button is also off center and I can’t find the right way to make it centered. It will change from left to right, but not centered. It was centered at one time, but now I can’t figure out how. I think it has something to do with hiding menu and search and turning off share.

This isn’t a dealbreaker, but this form will only be used in the browser, so when the screen size gets larger, the title and button are further and further away from the actual form.

  1. Name of the form
    I would use an extra column with type SHOW - Section Header. This is centered.

  2. Add Button
    You should set the view to center

    Under behavior --> offline/sync enable Sync on start
    Then hit Save and verify data (not just save)
    This should clean up the problem.

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