Centralized Table view and control

I have many tables which are utilized across multiple Apps (user lists, customer / contact lists, etc.). I repeatedly encounter situations where I need to change the structure of one of these tables. Currently, I have to make the change, and then go through each app which utilizes that table and “regenerate structure”.

This brings to light two issues in my opinion:

  1. I cannot see a list of all Apps which utilize the table data.
  2. I need to separately regenerate each instance of the table, one at a time.

I believe both issues could be solved by creating an account-wide Table View module. This module would show all of your Data tables and the apps which are connected to them. It would also allow a bulk “regenerate structure” command which would regenerate the column structure across all apps.

Yes, this is definitely a pain point when managing development across multiple apps using the same data source.

I think your first request may be possible and handy, having Appsheet somehow output a list of apps connected to each Table. Though I highly doubt the viability of a bulk regeneration.

Thanks for bringing this up. Hopefully someone from Appsheet will see it and put it on some to-do list somewhere.


Hello Marc, thanks for your feedback!

I really like the implementation of the new “AppSheet Monitoring” dashboard, perhaps something similar would work for a “Tables” dashboard as well.

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