Certain Column Types Not Able To Set Blank Through Client-Side Actions

I have recently noticed a change that appears to inhibit the ability to set number and datetimes columns blank through client side actions. I used to accomplish this through having an action change that value of columns in this row. For my datetime columns it would look something like this:
DateTimeColumn = “” to indicate a NULL value. As of yesterday, I have noticed actions on various apps that have stopped working all together because of those column changes in particular. When I remove those columns from the action the other changes work fine and the action runs as normal.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? How should we set NULL values in these types of columns if AppSheet intended to make this change?

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For their corresponding column types:

  • DATE("")
  • DATETIME("")
  • DECIMAL("")
  • TIME("")
  • NUMBER("")
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Thanks, @Steve ! Much appreciated.

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