Chained Process and Returned value


We made 1st process, which end up with step of RETURN. Until the process RETURNs the value, we have previous step, which is wait for a condition so that the retruned value is async to get the required value. This independent process seems to be working fine, it is run independently.

2nd Process is getting started with call a process, and 1st process is called as first step. Then add subsquent steps.

We run this 2nd step, which is giving us unknown returns.

It seems the WAIT step in 1st process is not respected. Our assumption was subsequent process is going to be initiated when the called 1st process is finished. But as far as we see, the subsequent steps on 2nd process is initiated even before the 1st step finish its process…

All in all, we try to establish a flow, to invoke 1st process First and then finish. THEN 2nd process to start. But as far as we see the behaiviror, we are not able to set up ASYNC between multiple steps.

Those are questions.

We create steps to “return” value in a process. We are still not sure how to and where we are able to consume this returned value. Can those returned value (variable) reachable from other process?

Call a process question. What is Process input means and what sort of jobs they woud do?

With regard to UIx for process, the upper right bar window is bit too tiny space to deal with. I assumed we are able to expand the width it is fixed. Not able to get wider.

I m using super wide screen, but even with this wide screen, it is too tiny…

Thank you.

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I dont know if there is any documentation on the [Previous Step] yet which makes it really hard to know how to use it?


Yes really hard to understand even after I spend almost 4 years with Appsheet…


Agree, it looks very complicated and difficult to understand even for programmers (IMO).


They have since updated the process inputs to include a ‘Lookup’ or ‘Add’ actions:


Which to my understanding, will either Lookup the row or Add a row to the table that the called process has set to its ‘Entity’ and uses within its steps and expressions.

@prithpal, why does automation use a glossary different than the rest of AppSheet? “Record” show be “row”. AppSheet doesn’t have “primary” keys (or “foreign” keys, for that matter), just keys.


Good catch Steve, we’ll get that addressed. @jared @Moura FYI

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My headache is;
actions ?
tasks ?
steps ?
activities ?

Do we have a diagram illustrating how all these components are related?