Challenge with key to link with inline view

In the attached picture, i manage to get an inline view with article (number) as the key. My inline view table is called “testing view for itempicking” and my main table view is “testing scan out by item”. The challenge is, there are multiple same article numbers in my “testing scan out by item” table, and I believe, due to the duplicate key in this case, I cannot see many lines that have duplicate article (number) in the " “testing scan out by item” table. I tried to use _rownumber as the key, but the inline view will not work in this case. Article (number) is the only common field to relate both main and inline view tables. Really appreciate some help here :slight_smile:

Hi @edmund_chan,

I believe you may wish to reconfirm the key column names of the parent and child tables. Is the article number the key column of the parent or the child table?

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Manage to solve this through Select(). Thank you for the reminder on keys :blush:

Edmund Chan

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