Change a column value of a referenced table using value from this row

I know that we have the feature “Execute an action on a set of rows” …
I am trying to do something really simple using it, but that just doesn’t work and can’t figure out.

Current Table 1 is Usuarios
Reference Table 2 is Troca

I wanna change the value of column Status of table Troca to “Autorizado”, only in the rows which have column “Nome” = Usuarios[_THISROW].[UserID]. The action is triggered from a row of table Usuarios. But that just doesn’t work…

I used FILTER instead of SELECT and it worked … why ??

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That would indicate that [Nome] is NOT the key column in the “Troca” table.


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True, i have made same mistake before cause i forgot about these KEYS.
Thank you!

Thank you, this is a good material explaining the relation and how actually some expressionas are built in. I should spend some time looking into these TIPS also, not only the Help material.
Thank you !

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