Change button name "New" displayed in a Detail view with multiple Inline Views

I need to change the Button “New” to “Change” in an inline view which is in a detail view. I was trying with CONTEXT(“View”). But my problem is I have got multiple inline views within that details view. I want to change only one “New” button text. I don’t want other “New” buttons to be changed.

Hi @Kanishka, Welcome to Community…

To change the inline view (detail view), you might want to check posting from @Fabian, here: How to remove add new button from within a form?

Which should be something like below for your case:

IF(CONTEXT("View") = "YourSelected_Detail" , "Change" , "New")

Thank you @Heru and @MultiTech_Visions for the replies. I was trying this

IF(CONTEXT(“View”) = “My Tickets_Detail” , “Change” , “New”) expression for “New” word in Localize section.

But my problem is I have multiple inline views in the “My Tickets_Detail” view. So all the “New” words in inline views will be changed to “Change”.
I want to change “New” only in one inline view. That’s the issue that I am facing.

The localize page won’t have access to row-specific data.

If you were really hell-bent on making this happen, the Localize panel can only differentiate between the views, you could key off that - so you could create a system to use a specific view for that one record and the regular one for the rest.

To accomplish this:

  1. make a copy of the view and give it a different name

  2. make a navigation action with a formula something like this:
    if([RecordID] = “The_specific_records_ID”, “Name of new view copy”, “Name of original view”)
    You need some way of selecting out the specific record

  3. In the “Event Action” for the inline view that leads to your detail view, insert the navigation action.
    (This way when people tap on a record to view it in the detail view, the app first takes note of what record you’re trying to view - if it’s the specific one you’re directed to the special view, otherwise the default behavior is to take you to the original view.)

This is a bit of a hack, but it would work. :nerd_face:

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It sound like complicated and need something like @MultiTech_Visions suggested.

Thanks @MultiTech_Visions and @Heru. I will check with the suggestion.