Change color of text and icons, hide only sync icon, change margin or use space/whiteline


I have some questions on the screenshots. Who can help me? Thank you!

Hmm. You’ve got an old version of the Appsheet layout. I’m not real sure how to get it updated to the newest “look and feel”. Maybe it’ll be automatic once you start making changes. But if it does, that’ll move the Sync button to the upper right, and Share will move to the hamburger menu.

Check out UX->Brand in the editor for options to change the color and background of those Primary views on the bottom, as well as overall app color.

You can specify colors for specific column text or actions button via UX->Format Rules

You can’t change margins, or action button sizes.

You can make your header image smaller by editing the image file and increasing the whitespace or transparent-space around the actual image. This will effectively increase the margins around it. Here’s a quick screenshot example I did just now (super quick and dirty just to provide visual explanation), change from left to right.



thanks for your really fast reply :slight_smile:
i have new version just i turned off ‘Allow five views in the bottom…blabla’ option, because i would like to take share action on the footer. I didnt find share action under Behavior… so now i trying to turn off sync icon. And I would like to hide the many many sync process from public users.

Yes, I checked UX->Brand option and I use ‘colored’ option. Maybe the form’s buttons doesnt part of the footer… yes its of course not :slight_smile:
Okay, so on the form view the footer high=0px and the form buttons appear and I can’t color and use icon on form’s buttons. Is it true?

Can I change color of footer’s active view background?

There is now way to present a Share button without also displaying the Sync button. No matter what you do, there will always be a sync button n the screen, it’ll just be in a different location.

Form buttons are not part of the footer.


Not beyond the options available in UX >> Brand:

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