Change colour inline action button is used when child table is updated

I made an action in an attendance app in a list UX-view from all attendees.

By clicking on an icon-action a trigger is set to update the child record with a recordID, parentID and today(). The records have to be updated with a synch for each attendee.
The result is that we can see who and how many people came to the trainingsession.

What I want is that the colour of the action button changes after it has been touched.
From blue to green for example before all records are updated.

Is this possible?
With select(table, field etc) I did not succeed.

I work a long time with format rules. The problem is that the child table record is not created when I use this action. And I don’t know if this works. Now I made a work around by using the list of attendees. I made a new column with date. When there is a change in the record this date is updated to today in this parenttable. This triggers the UX format rule.

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