Change data and view detail on Selected Row

Hi, I’m on a deck view trying to achieve the following:
On Selected Row action I need the App to change data on the row selected (change a [Has this row been seen?] column value to true, AND then open the detail view for that row.

I tried using a grouped action with these tow actions

  • Set the value of some columns from this row
  • Go to another view (Going to the detail view)

The problem is, it is not opening the selected row on the detail view, it opens the last row opened on the detail view

Please post screenshots of the action configurations. If the actions use any expressions and the expressions are not fully visible in those screenshots, please also provide screenshots of the complete expressions.

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sure, thanks

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Thanks for the screenshots!

Try using LINKTOROW() rather than LINKTOVIEW():

LINKTOROW([_THISROW], "Notificaciones_Detail")

Note that you don’t need the app ID argument ("Miperfil-1272260") if going to another view within the same app.

See also:


Thanks a lot!
It worked just fine

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