Change data in google sheet & gets updated on the app by syncing it

I have a lot of customer data that i want to update on the source google sheet of the app & once i sync the app it should get updated on the app too. I have tried adding a new data in the row of my google sheet and then syncing the app but it doesnt take up the data.

Is it possible you set table to ”Read-only”?

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I dont think so but how will that help sir?

The AppSheet server cached data, and show in app. The data made directly to Google sheet is not displayed within app when you set the table as read only. Just reading cached data.

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No it is not on “read only” updates were allowed, but still it didn’t work. Ideally it should work?

I m not sure what is happening , but you may refer to another spreadsheet, which is not used as data source for your app.

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Sure, Thank You!

Also can you help me with one more thing. I have a calendar view & i want to show various orders delivered on the calendar. In the week view under calendar I am able to see the names but on the month view I am not able to see…

Texts (value in column) set to description in calendar view should become the label for the calendar and visible on mothly, weekly and daily, but I m not sure what is happening to your apps if they are not visible.

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Yess i got it, actually I am not able to see in my laptop, but on my phone its visible

Potentially a bug, report to to call for direct support.

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Also i have a field in my form like product name, so a customer can buy end number of products. But in google sheets i have only 5 product name columns so i can add only 5 products per order. How can i tell app sheets to give it an unlimited option to add product name and the related details and not limit it to only 5 products.

the way i am doing it right now i will have to create 10 columns for 10 products which is not feasible…

You restructure table/column schema when you see one to many relationships.
On this case, you create another table to store products information and data (as child table) and make REF connection directing to parent.