Change data workflow doesn't run if another change data workflow is queued

Hello friends, I think i have come upon a bug. I’m testing an app that has a parent table and many child tables, my setup is:

  1. A workflow in each child table that updates a specific column of the parent table on any changes, that works quite well on its own.

  2. A classic “Create PDF” action that triggers a workflow that generates a pdf document containing data from all child tables and sends it via email, it also stores the file path into a column of the parent table, this also works like a charm.

The issue I have found is that, after I change any row from any child table that i mentioned, and press the “Create PDF” action in order to queue the PDF creation after the change, the first workflow doesn’t make the data changes that it should.

This error doesn’t reproduce when I space out the operations, if for example I make the data changes in one sync, and run the “Create PDF” action in another, it all works as expected.

EDIT: Could it be because both workflows change data in the parent table? I don’t think i have seen this behaviour back when the second workflow didn’t store the PDF file path into the parent table