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I had a use case where the Inspection date is given while filling a form.
I want to make this record into the Overdue Inspections category (Status)- when the Date crosses today, automatically without any user intervention.

I tried with Scheduled Report for EachRowIntable with Action “Change Date”, but it is not working.

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Please share relevant screenshots of the report and action.



Does the audit log give an error message of any kind?

It is showing “Success” Status in logs. I tried in multiple Apps but I couldn’t achieve this.

@Rich @Bellave_Jayaram
Is it a bug? or did I missing anything.

You missed something:

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  1. I created an action (Overdue Status) that will set the some columns in this row:
    [Status Column] = Overdue.
  2. Created a Report of the correct table and selected “For Each Row In table” and in DO THIS reaction as “Change Data”. and selected the Action (Overdue Status) which a created.

Did i miss anything?

Yes (for the second time). The screenshot excerpt I posted shows the problem: your report found no rows to process.